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Laurens County School District 55


Whether it is new facilities, new programs, new people, or new ideas, we want the best for our community. We are willing to invest in achieving that goal and we believe you are, too. Now is the time for bold but reasoned thinking. Our future is in the hands of the children who will pass through the halls of all our schools over the next 50 years. We need to provide them with the best opportunity available for meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing world. What was good enough for generations past falls short of the needs of current and future generations. We, as citizens, have a duty to meet the needs of the future today.

Note: The Kids First - Laurens Future "Vote Yes" campaign believes every citizen has the right to their beliefs about the need for a new high school in Laurens County. This organization does not promote nor condone negative behaviors in support of this cause. We believe in civil discourse and we encourage everyone to be respectful at all times. Let the children of our community see us all in the positive light of democracy.



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