School Design for a Rapidly Changing World

The design of the proposed new high school in Laurens County School District 55 has many wonderful attributes. It offers safety with limited external access points and security features such as hallways that run the length of the building. The most important design feature, however, is access to facilities representing all 16 career clusters identified in the Education and Economic Development Act. As a rural community, Laurens has an obligation to ensure that our children have opportunities to pursue careers in every area of interest.

We know that we live in a rapidly changing world. We cannot predict what the future will bring to our children. What we can do is make sure they are adequately, no, exceptionally prepared to meet its challenges. We are excited about the design and construction of a new high school. We also recognize the many benefits that will spread throughout the community as a result of this project.

Help us keep Kids First in Laurens' Future!