Kids First - Laurens Future is dedicated to ensuring the future of education in Laurens, SC. We are at a critical juncture in our community. Maintaining the status quo with only minor changes in infrastructure and facilities is the path of the 20th century. We want our schools to be at the forefront of a new direction in education. One that celebrates the individual and provides opportunities for all.


Our Mission

  1. Lead the charge to build a new comprehensive high school in Laurens County School District 55.
  2. Advance the cause of college and/or career readiness for 100% of the students served in this community.  
  3. Inform the public of the facts supporting this new direction and the importance of investing in the future of education for this and generations to come.

Laurens has managed to weather many storms in the past and maintain a good school district. In an ever expanding global economy, good is no longer good enough. We must provide facilities and resources that give each of our students an excellent opportunity to succeed in the world for which we are preparing them.
— Dr. Stephen G. Peters, Superintendent LCSD 55

What We Want to Achieve

  • Build a new comprehensive high school.
  • Offer instruction in all 16 career clusters identified by the Education and Economic Development Act
  • Provide every student with the opportunity to graduate with at least one year of college or technical school credit.
  • Provide all of our middle school students with equitable facilities and opportunities.
  • Expand extracurricular offerings at the middle school level.
  • Maintain a small school feel in middle grades.
  • Reduce overcrowding at every school in the district.